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Organizational Transformation

In 2021, we started a multi-year process with Liberatory Power Consulting Group, Black Feminist Advisors, and Nicole Thomas Consulting to align our organization with our new mission and vision. With help from the above superstars, we were able to rewrite our mission and vision statements to encompass values and beliefs informed by Black feminist frameworks and practices. We also created a zine to capture this process, with guidance and artistic direction from Radical Roadmaps.
In 2024 and beyond, we’ll continue to operationalize our values by reconfiguring our services, programs, and internal policies to meet our new vision for the future. Some additional steps we have taken along our journey to align with our revamped values includes:
  • Creating a lactation room in our clinic to support caregiver patients and staff
  • Holding all-staff working sessions to generate a manifesto that summarizes a vision-aligned work culture.
  • Designing a mural that captures what our new mission and vision is all about
  • Introducing funding to support staff caregivers
  • Expanding services to provide estrogen hormone replacement therapy, with the goal of removing gender essentialist policies and actualizing our vision of serving all transgender, gender-nonconforming, and gender diverse communities.