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Fundraising and Financials

2019 gave the rest of the country a glimpse of what Georgia organizers are capable of and confirmed how much more powerful we are together than alone.  Because of our donors, champions and foundation partners we were able to continue to provide compassionate abortion care and truly strengthen our movement work with the most marginalized voices at the center. In 2019 many people learned about our work for the first time and immediately jumped at the chance to make a donation and every single donation we received in 2019 was especially meaningful.  Then in 2020, facing the pandemic, our foundation partners stepped up to make sure we had the resources we needed to support our staff and stay open to serve our patients.  During two years of trials and challenges we could have never predicted, the steady stream of support has enabled us to continue on our steady path of increased financial health and effective movement building. 

2019: Increase in donor support in the face of adversity 

In 2019, we battled Georgia House Bill 481 and came out victorious. During this time, we saw an incredible influx of individual donors with small and large gifts. 2019 put Georgia in the national spotlight and gave the rest of the country a chance to see what organizers here in Georgia  are capable of and confirmed how the collective power of individual donors can make a huge difference. So many people learned about our efforts to defeat the ban and responded by making a modest donation. These gifts (under $100) all together total nearly $40,000, proving the power of grassroots gifts accumulating into a significant wave of support. In the wake of the abortion ban’s sweeping the country, donations of $5 or $50,000 each contributed to our success.

2020: Increase in support from various foundations to combat Covid-19 challenges

In the face of COVID-19 and the uncertainties surrounding abortion access, we were able to build new partnerships and continued to deepen our relationship with funder partners.The trust we built in the previous years helped us to solidify opportunities, allowing us to see an increase in our overall financial health despite an economic downturn. With the gracious help of a number of organizations, we received over a one million dollars in grant funds that allowed us to continue to provide essential services to our patients and the diverse communities that we serve. We were also able to create a hazard pay plan for our staff, manage the gap of increased cost of providing care for patients during COVID-19, purchase PPE for our staff, and fund our movement building and advocacy work. At a time when compassionate abortion care needed to remain accessible we were able to meet the moment with the resources we needed because of investments in our work. 

Funding Partnerships (2019-2020):

  •  Anonymous Funders
  • Collaborative for Gender + Reproductive Equity
  • Homestead Foundation
  • Latino Community Fund Georgia
  • Movement Voter Project
  • National Women’s Law Center
  • Solidaire Network
  • Women’s Equity Center
  • Prentice Foundation
  • Groundswell Fund
  • National Women’s Law Center
  • National Institute for Reproductive Health
  • MERC for Mothers
  • Planned Parenthood Federation of America
  • ProGeorgia