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Civic Engagement and Organizing

Our civic engagement work has grown tremendously since we added a full-time grassroots organizer in January 2020 to support our base and coalition building, voter registration and promotion efforts. We stand side by side with organizations with missions that embrace reproductive justice and the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities. As we evolve addressing White supremacy has taken on increasing urgency especially in this current political environment. In 2020, our outreach work pivoted to address the pandemic and prioritizing the needs of our communities. In addition to our voter registration work we supported partners working on issues including mass incarceration, police violence in Black and Brown communities, fake clinics aka crisis pregnancy centers, and mutual aid during the COVID crisis.

Big Wins:

Registered 100 voters: Femininst Center received an award for having the highest completion rate of voter registration forms at the Pro-Georgia table.Sent over 70,000 voter registration and promotion texts encouraging residents of Georgia to check their voter registration in preparation and to pledge to vote.
Sent over 5000 voter registration and promotion texts encouraging residents of Georgia to check and update their voter registration.Provided mutual aid support to over 100 people in Westside Atlanta during the height of the COVID-19 crisis and the Black Lives Matter protests.

Major Events:

In 2020, Feminist Center joined The People’s Response Atlanta (TPR) founded by Black Youth Project 100’s Atlanta Chapter in response to COVID-19 pandemic. As a part of TPR, our civic engagement team participated in campaigns and community support activities:

  • Community-led alternatives for safety: Feminist Center hosted a training for 49 organizers on neighborhood pod mapping and alternative safety measures in Westside Atlanta - which long time Atlanta natives know is a particularly disenfranchised area now severely impacted by the pandemic. A “POD” is an innovative grassroots response to police violence in Black and Brown communities. We are proud to have been a part of promoting this emergency community response network being explored as an alternative to turning to the traditional policing systems.

  • Mutual Aid Support: Feminist Center supported TPR in mutual aid work reaching over a 100 people in the Westside Atlanta community during the height of the pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests. The team undertook a needs assessment of the community and then facilitated provision of essentials like:

    • Masks and gloves

    • Groceries

    • Plan B pills

    • Cleaning and household supplies

    • Protective gear for community members participating in the Black Lives Matter protests

#FultonFreeThemAll: Prison populations have been adversely impacted by the pandemic. In light of the increasing number of COVID cases amongst detainees and staff members and the horrifying treatment of detainees in the South Fulton County jail, Feminist Center worked with partners at SONG, BYP 100 and Women on the Rise to amplify the call for the immediate release of the incarcerated folk in Fulton County jail.